The Basics

Begin here with some of the foundational concepts of trading and gather a broader framework for your journey to trading success.

Chart Patterns

Visual pattern recognition forms the basis for technical analysis, and are divided broadly into continuation or reversal patterns. See what all the fuss is about and brush up on some basic reversal chart patterns here.

Elliott Wave

Probably one of the most controversial technical analysis techniques is the Elliott Wave Principle - some traders swear by it, others swear at it, but it really comes down to three hard rules. Learn them and you'll have taken the first step.


Believed by some to be part of the mystery of the universe, traders have found applying Fibonacci concepts to be very beneficial to their trading practices, and more funds are incorporating basic and advanced techniques into their trading strategies. See what's behind the numbers and how you can benefit from these "magical" mathematical relationships.


Trading Psychology

Whether or not the axiom "Trading is 90% psychology" is accurate or not, the great traders have always incorporated knowledge of trading psychology into their techniques as a sort of underlying foundation for trading success. Learn some basic concepts and see why some argue that "You can't conquer the markets unless you first conquer yourself."

Candlestick Patterns

How can a candle make you money? Which candlestick patterns are the best? Use this resource to brush up on the basics of candlestick pattern analysis and learn how to incorporating even the simplest patterns as a way to help you spot or confirm market turning points earlier.


There are over 400 technical indicators for use in a general trading plan, but how do you sort out which are most appropriate or for you, or even which ones add edge from a trading plan and which bleed edge from it? Use this resource to learn when to use certain indicators and when to avoid others based on the market environment. By grouping indicators into broader categories, you'll be able to cut through all the smoke and mirrors to see which indicators combine to match your risk tolerance and personality and put them to work for you more effectively.

More Education

Our hand-picked list of relevant stock trading blogs, links, and other resources.